‘It feels like I’m at a firefighters conference and no one’s allowed to speak about water.’

This is a few weeks old, a friend sent it to me but I forgot to watch it until today. A Dutch historian has become a social media star after he speaks up against the super-rich in front of the super-rich at the World Economic Forum in Davos.


Millennials Didn?t Kill the Economy. The Economy Killed Millennials.

Income inequality compounds generationally and so do other problems as well, it seems.

Is it any wonder that Millennials are eager to overthrow a system that has duped them into a story of permanent progress, thrown them into debt, depressed their wages, separated them from the trappings of adulthood, and then, for good measure, blamed them for ruining canned tuna?


CryptoKitties – Blockchain in Gaming

I found out about this today?https://www.cryptokitties.co.

Cryptokitties is a game that allows you to buy, sell, breed and trade virtual cats. How Cryptokitties is different is that the cats are created and registered using?Etherium,?a blockchain based distributed computing platform. Blockchain is also the technology that powers the infamous Bitcoin currency.

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