De La Soul – and the Anonymous Nobody…


This release was my first time Kickstarting a music project, but when I heard that De La Soul was working on a new album I needed to get in on it. It met their funding goal in just 10 hours and went on to reach 51st on the Billboard charts here in Canada as well as the number 1 spot on the Vinyl Billboard chart in the US. My vinyl copy hasn’t arrived yet but they’ve provided me with an MP3 version and it’s available on Apple Music as well.

This is their first studio album in 12 years and I consider it their best album since the 1996 release Stakes Is High, which is my favourite album of theirs after De La Soul Is Dead. Those two albums being a couple of my favourite albums of all time by any artist in any genre.

None of De La Soul’s classic 80s and 90s albums are available for purchase digitally and there is an interesting story behind that summarized in a NY Times article written earlier this year. They gave them away for free to fans for a limited time and you should really try to track them down somewhere.

Update: Vinyl arrived today. Listening to it now