A New Beginning

So I met up with the rest of the Super Secret Hideout team this week. We hadn’t met in quite a while, we’ve been pretty busy with life, new jobs and other things. The main goal of the night was to catch up, have a few drinks and discuss what our plans are for the future (and also get my weekly burger in at Dukes).

We’ve been keeping a list together of possible projects, so we mainly discussed that. For the longest time I’ve been talking about creating my own card game and eventually publishing both a physical version and a web/mobile version. Recognizing the fact that the development of a card game is a huge undertaking, we decided to work on a different project together while I design and play test a paper version of the game.

Over the past year or so we’ve started and stopped exploring a series of different ideas and after taking a break everyone seemed ready to get going on something new. We still haven’t figured out what that will be but that’s something we will likely decide next time we meet.

I’ve only got a few rough ideas going for the card game at this point but I do know I want it to be:

  • a 1 vs 1, zero-sum game
  • stand alone, the core game should be all you need. No LCG or CCG style business model.
  • affordable, targeting the $10-$15 game market
  • hard sci-fi/cyberpunk themed with the core mechanic revolving around hacking or possibly social engineering
  • easy to learn, I’d prefer the rules to be elegant and not overly complex
  • story driven, the mechanics should be solid but i’d like the theme to be really rich and possibly work in a “story mode” alongside the basic competitive style of play

I’ll fill you in on what we decide our near term project is going to be after we meet again. I’ll hopefully have fleshed out the game a little more as well.