Just 90 companies are to blame for most climate change, this ‘carbon accountant’ says

Heede’s research shows that nearly two-thirds of anthropogenic carbon emissions originated in just 90 companies and government-run industries. Among them, the top eight companies — ranked according to annual and cumulative emissions below — account for 20 percent of world carbon emissions from fossil fuels and cement production since the Industrial Revolution.

Heede concedes that the responsibility is shared. “I as a consumer bear some responsibility for my own car, etcetera. But we’re living an illusion if we think we’re making choices, because the infrastructure pretty much makes those choices for us.”

“Heede’s report is one of the bedrock pieces of science and research that helped form our campaign,” says Kristin Casper, litigation counsel for Greenpeace’s Global Climate Justice and Liability Project in Toronto, Canada.

The idea of climate justice?is an interesting one and I think it will be crucial to solving the issue of climate change. Lawsuits directly against these companies will be a effective way to change the mindset of those investing in them. As someone who tries to invest ethically, it is frustrating to see that the companies who typically do the best are the ones you’d rather not have anything to do with.

As Apple offers $200k for iPhone vulnerabilities, Black Hat firm offers $500k

I saw some comments when Apple first announced their bounties that they were on the low side. Now someone has gone and blown their offer out of the water. However Apple is offering to double each paid bounty if the money was to be given to a charity.

As Apple offers $200k for iPhone vulnerabilities, Black Hat firm offers $500k

A New Wireless Hack Can Unlock 100 Million Volkswagens

While I think the ability to unlock your car with your phone is a really cool idea, I don’t think car manufacturers quite get ?the need to invest in developing secure solutions. If there are flaws in their old tech, how can we trust they get the new tech right? This goes for the home automation industry as well. And I hate to say it but it also goes for a good chunk of the software development world as well.

When the hack was announced, the researchers were ?”hit?with a lawsuit that?delayed the publication of their research for two years“. I think this is the totally wrong approach.

Volkswagen left not only its ignition vulnerable but the keyless entry system that unlocks the vehicle?s doors, too. And this time, they say, the flaw applies to practically every car Volkswagen has sold since 1995” This one in conjunction with the?emissions scandal?is probably going to bury Volkswagen. But then again, when have consumers cared a whole ton about security either?


Lone Ranger – The Answer

When all the brexit hype first happened and the British Pound tanked I decided to take advantage and order some 45s from England that I had wanted to buy for a while. One of the records was a first printing of The Answer by Lone Ranger. Recorded in 1977 by Studio One. This is one of my all time favourite rhythms and has been used by everyone from Brigadier Jerry to Bounty Killer. Unfortunately the quality of the record wasn’t that great. Last time I buy something graded at VG.

New 12? Macbook Popularity Results in a 30% Increase in Laptop Shipments

“TrendForce attributed the 30.3% sequential increase to the release of?new 12-inch MacBook models?in April.”

While I’d never give up my 15″ MBP, I think the 12″ Macbook is the sweet spot for a super portable laptop. I had an 11″ and it was too small, 13″ a little too big. I can type on the 12″ Macbook while riding the subway and not have my elbows in anyone’s face. However I’m kicking myself for not buying the space grey model. It’s a great form factor and it’s?sales figures show that.


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After debating over it for quite some time I’ve decided to try my hand at blogging. Not sure how this will evolve but i’d like to primarily cover tech and programming topics I’m passionate about with some personal bits thrown in for fun. Expect to see me?to cover my adventures learning more about?Angular.js , WebAPI, Agile and Swift. I’d also like to spend some time covering security as it relates to software development. Plus, for fun I’m going to have odds and ends about the D&D game i just started running, Ashes, the competitive card game I’m currently obsessed with and a few posts about music I’m currently loving.